DTC completed the $3 million renovation of interior and exterior elements of Naval Operational Support Center in Raleigh, NC.

The NOSC mission is to provide mission capable units and individuals to the Navy and Marine Corps team throughout the full range of operations — from peace to war. It provides administrative, medical and readiness support to Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Units including units engaged in Marine Expeditionary Security, Amphibious Construction, Operational Health Support, Security, Aviation and Air Mobility, Legal, Communications and general training services.

The general construction project included extensive renovations to HVAC systems, roofing repairs and replacement of windows and doors and upgrades to bathrooms. The interior fit-ups of office and interior spaces included interior finishes, lighting, duct work, fire protection systems, new partitions and ceilings, and various other related work.

Exterior features of work included waterproofing, roofing, select demolition and remedial site work associated with parking, storage and drainage improvements.

DTC received an “Outstanding” final rating for this project.