The City of West Haven selected DTC to provide program evaluation and full service engineering services for the preparation of plans and documents to repair city structures damaged by Storm “Sandy” in accordance with FEMA funding guidelines and provide construction administration services.

It appears that the different types of damage are:
Oak Street to Bradley Point (approximately ½ mile)

• Undermining of Concrete Bench Pads
• Loss of Bituminous Bikeway
• Erosion behind the bikeway / loss of turf
• Loss of Split Rail Fences and Trees
• Degradation of the dunes
• Erosion of the Embankment and Loss of Armoring
• Pocket Erosion on the backside of the seawall

South Street to Trumbull Street (approximately ¾ mile)

This area is characterized by granite block armoring adjacent to the ocean abutting a seawall of various types and heights throughout. Through this area the seaward side received no apparent damage except for the first property closest to South Street. The damage can be summarized as:

• Various degrees of erosion and loss of surface material behind the wall throughout the length
• Loss of the Seawall at the first property (overall length approx 110 feet x 8-10 feet high)

Additional Area (Adjacent Parking Lot to the North)
This area, believed not previously identified by FEMA also sustained damage as a result of Storm “Sandy” as follows:

• Erosion and loss of armor of the embankment in front of the parking lot
• Loss of handrails at two sets of steps from the parking lot to the beach