DTC performed civil engineering services under the Metropolitan District’s Clean Water Project with the goal of reducing combined sewer overflows. DTC’s assignment, known as the Tower Avenue South Sewer Separation Area included approximately one mile of Cleveland Avenue and Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

The project design scope included the following tasks:

  • Evaluating hydraulic performance, cost effectiveness, and constructability of several pipe alignments.
  • Coordination with public utilities including the District.
  • Geotechnical investigation & utility location test pits.
  • Support document preparation for obtaining easements across private lands.
  • Preparation of construction plans and specifications, including traffic management plans.
  • Cost Estimating.

The final design solution incorporated:

  • Construction of 3,300 linear feet of new sanitary sewer and service laterals. Steel sheeting was used to protect the existing clay pipe combined sewer converted to storm drain.
  • Lightweight soil fill derived from expanded shale was specified to minimize settlement of the sanitary sewer.
  • Installation of 3,340 linear feet of ductile iron water main and copper service laterals.
  • 5,100 linear feet of storm drain pipe was installed to intercept roadway runoff and private property drainage.
  • Disconnection of private property roof leaders from the combined sewer and reconnection to the separated storm drain.
  • Reconstruction of sidewalks, driveway aprons, curbs and pavement on Cleveland Avenue.

DTC continued support of the District through bidding and construction contract award valued at $13.7M. During construction, the District field staff is supported by DTC’s field inspection and construction administration personnel.

Project completion is anticipated during the summer of 2014.