The City of Stamford has retained DTC to make improvements to Myrtle Avenue and East Main Street as an extension of its Stamford Urban Transitway Project. This project involves a wide range of services including Topographic and Boundary Survey, Preliminary Engineering Study and Design, Sanitary Sewer Study and Design, Storm Sewer Study and Design, Traffic Study and Geotechnical Investigations.

Both the Sanitary Sewer Study and Design and the Storm Sewer Study and Design involved not only determining the condition of the existing pipes and the design of the sanitary sewer and storm sewer within the project area, but also the determination of what is needed to convey all the flows from the upstream system if all upstream problems and restrictions are corrected for both existing and proposed flows. This also included analyzing the system downstream of the project area for problems in conveying the existing and proposed flows.

The Traffic Study determined optimum lane arrangement and signalization.

The Geotechnical Investigation determined subsurface conditions and parameters for the design of the roadway pavement, utility structures, retaining walls and relocation and reconstruction of an Amtrak and MetroNorth wingwall at a railroad bridge.

Other phases of the project include preparation of property maps, semi-final and final design, bidding services, shop drawing & construction drawing reviews and consultation during construction. The design includes two normal travel lanes, two high occupancy vehicle lanes, two bike lanes, bus turnouts and sidewalks and streetscape improvements throughout the project area as well as additional turning lanes at approaches to intersections and the redesign of four signalized intersections.

The Stamford Urban Transitway Project is being executed in a phased approach, with another consulting engineer designing the first phase. DTC’s project is the second phase of the Stamford Urban Transitway (SUT). Extensive coordination was and is required with the other consultant to be sure that roadway alignment, storm drainage systems and sanitary sewer systems mesh perfectly from project to project.