Twin Brook Properties, formerly known as Ribicoff Cottages, in its entirety, will include 106 new units when completed.

The development includes new roads and infrastructure totaling $21 million dollars. The development will be accessible to Woodin Street in Hamden. The street that wasn’t accessible when the Hamden-New Haven fence was up; Hamden is involved with the approval of the Augustine Street connection to Woodin Street, which will be connected in the spring of 2016.

DTC initially provided civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering services for this development in support of a 40% design level submission required to obtain redevelopment funding from the State. After redevelopment funding CHFA was secured, DTC further developed the documents to 100% completion. The architect on this project is Icon Architecture, which is based in Boston, MA.

The redevelopment effort consisted of demolition and replacement of the existing 1960’s garden apartments with modern energy efficient townhouse style housing units. When complete, the area will include a total of 106 housing units dispersed between townhouses and apartments within a three-story community building.

DTC’s engineers designed central heating plants that deliver heat and domestic hot water into each townhouse by means of underground distribution piping. Townhouses also feature multiple zones for heating and cooling control. Apartments in the community building have their own mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

The community building has its own backup generator, laundry facilities, and trash chute with compactor, as well as nursing and management offices. LED site lighting will be incorporated outside the building as a highly energy efficient safety feature.

The entire development is Energy Star Certified.

The redevelopment also required design of a new roadway layout and new supporting utility services.