Ellerbe Becket selected DTC from the top mechanical, electrical, plumbing engineers in the state to help design the $79 million, 180,000 sq. ft., 40,000-seat stadium at Rentschler Field for the University of Connecticut.

DTC and AECOM (formerly Ellerbe Becket) coordinated closely with UConn’s Athletic Director and University staff to provide a state of the art stadium with the ability to house UCONN’s football team as well as other special events.

Special considerations for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems included TV broadcast level lighting on the field, power distribution as well as robust backups for communications and broadcast systems. It also included a sophisticated acoustics system which reduced decibel loading to the surrounding neighbors, while enhancing the experience for the spectator.

A high efficiency HVAC system was engineered to work within the space constraints, while attaining the goal of reducing upfront costs to the taxpayers. Complex systems were also provided to properly condition spaces and provide makeup air for all commercial concessions areas. A combination of wet-pipe, dry-pipe and deluge systems were engineered to provide fire safety for the facility.

DTC also provided civil engineering services for the project, including all incoming electrical, water, sanitary and storm systems. This was closely coordinated with the local entities and utility companies. A booster pump station was engineered to remove rain and washdown water from the stadium and field, and was closely coordinated with the stadium’s irrigation system.

The landmark project was a significant achievement for UCONN and State of CT, and it continues to operate successfully to this day.