Through DTC’s On-Call Engineering contract with the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, DTC provided initial study review prepared by others to validate assumptions and established design criteria. Follow-on services included design of approximately 2000lf of insulated welded steel chilled water supply and return piping (sub-terrain and within existing structures) ranging in size from 16” down to 4”.

Buildings served in the Northwest (Engineering) Quadrant of the campus included:

  • Goessmann Hall
  • Marcus Hall
  • Marston Hall
  • Knowles Hall
  • Paige Laboratory

Design services were completed on a fast-track basis. Construction coordination was a key item focused on during the design efforts. With construction proceeding through a highly sensitive and congested area on Campus (Engineering); extraordinary procedures were incorporated into the contract documents including:

  • 16” x16” tapping sleeves and valves to hot tap into the existing loop to avoid shutting down and draining the existing system.
  • Intricate staged/ phased construction sequencing to accommodate code compliant ADA building egress/access at all times during construction.
  • Intricate staged construction sequencing to accommodate vibration issues in the adjacent buildings labs and to minimize noise during final exams.

Design issues included provisions for extension of the pipe network in the future, the use of underground insulation in areas where depths were shallow to avoid existing utilities and the installation of sump pumps in the precast valve vaults.

Construction activities commenced in the Spring of 2012 with anticipated beneficial occupancy being obtained in the late summer.

DTC, along with University facilities engineers meet on-site weekly to address any and all construction issues.