The MidState Medical Center underwent a major capital project in the planning, design and construction of its new hospital on Lewis Avenue in Meriden and subsequent additions.

DTC was responsible for all site infrastructure and utilities including 3500 LF of electrical, 2500 LF of water main and 1500 LF of gas mains. DTC was also responsible for all off-site improvements and landscape architecture for the 52 acre site.

The existing site presented some unique challenges to become functional and aesthetically pleasing. The topography and site constraints, such as the location of an old gravesite, were carefully studied by the architect. By mapping these constraints and preparing a comprehensive site analysis, the design team determined the optimum layout for the hospital that also preserved the site’s features.
Other important site considerations were:

• Safe and efficient vehicular circulation for visitors, staff, emergency vehicles, helicopter transport and deliveries.
• Creating a pleasant setting to make patients feel comfortable.
• Providing for safe pedestrian links to the community.

DTC’s local presence added value and assured the client and the community that local concerns were addressed.

DTC coordinated several disciplines involved in the site development. By having the full engineering and landscape architectural capabilities in-house and under the same management team, the client was assured of seamless integration of all site considerations and designs.