DTC has been subcontracted by LaRosa Construction Company to provide all necessary environmental support services associated with the remediation/redevelopment of the Meriden HUB brownfield site.  DTC is providing the environmental services that are required by the contract plans and specifications.  The site located along Pratt Street in Meriden, CT, and will be remediated and redeveloped primarily for the Harbor Brook Flood Control and Linear Trail Project.

The project began in December 2013, and DTC is currently providing the following services:

  • Prepared Site-Specific Health & Safety (HASP) and Air Monitoring Plans.  As part of that service, DTC is providing a Health and Safety Manager (HSM) to support the on-site LaRosa Health and Safety Officer (HSO) and to manage any other Health & Safety project needs.  DTC’s HSM is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM).
  • Provide a Connecticut Licensed Environmental Professional (LEP) to assist the contractor with complying with all applicable regulations and to review project submittals.
  • Provide a highly experienced on-site DTC Environmental Inspector on an as-needed basis.
  • Assist with air monitoring to collect samples for laboratory testing to document site-specific air quality levels for the site.
  • Document and record information regarding the excavation, handling, re-use, and stockpiling of Hazardous and Controlled Materials (soil) generated during construction.
  • Prepare a Temporary Authorization (TA) for DEEP approval to discharge low-level contaminated groundwater directly to on-site infiltration basins without prior treatment.  The TA was recently approved, and will save significant costs associated with handling, treatment, sampling, and discharge of the contaminated water to the sanitary sewer system.
  • Prepare the required Contaminated Groundwater Handling Plan for the Owner’s approval that will detail the procedures to be implemented under the TA.
  • Prepare a separate DEEP general permit for the discharge of contaminated water to the sanitary sewer system in case grossly contaminated groundwater is encountered.
  • Collect waste characterization samples of Hazardous and Controlled Materials stockpiled at the Waste Storage Area for laboratory testing per the Contractor’s selected disposals facility.
  • Review waste characterization data to make hazardous waste determinations, and to determine compliance with the Contractor’s disposal facility.
  • Prepare all waste disposal profiles and associated paperwork.
  • Provide other environmental consulting services on an as-needed basis to address unforeseen circumstances.