DTC has been selected to provide on-call professional design services related to the Metropolitan District’s Clean Water Project for sewer separation and related collection system or drainage system projects for the MDC.

The Metropolitan District is undertaking one of its largest capital projects of its 83 year history. To comply with a Federal Consent Decree, and State Consent Orders, the MDC is finalizing their conceptual plans for the “Clean Water Project” – a greater than $2.1 billion upgrade to the wastewater collection and treatment system. The work will be completed over a 15 year period.

The project scope entails sewer separation projects that range in size from small to large-scale, with on-call services required primarily for final design, the preparation of bid documents, and engineering support services during construction.

Other tasks may be required on a project specific basis, and may include the following:

  • The conduct of engineering investigations;
  • Planning and/ or studies;
  • Provision of technical advice;
  • Survey;
  • Coordination with public and private utility companies including the District;
  • Geotechnical services including subsurface investigations;
  • Preparation of cost estimates;
  • Providing documentation in support for the preparation of traffic management plans (traffic management plans will be prepared by others);
  • Preparation of support documentation for the acquisition of lands and/ or easements (the actual taking of the lands and/or easements will be by others);
  • Providing input and recommendations to the District during the review of construction bid proposals; and
  • Any other requirements to complete the intended goal as deemed by the District.

DTC has been awarded a Task Order, Final Design, for the Tower Avenue South Sewer Separation area. Streets included (full or in-part) in the project include Tower, Barbour, Main, Cleveland and Hampton for an approximate length of one mile. The project consists of all new sanitary sewers and lateral service connections, conversion of existing combined sewer/storm service to stormwater and the complete replacement of the existing watermain (with new services).

Construction value is projected at $13.7 million. In addition, with noted utility up-grades, a complete roadway and sidewalk reconstruction will be required.