DTC was awarded the design-build repairs/reconstruction of marina facilities on Boca Chica Key and Sigsbee Park – part of the Naval Air Station Key West, Florida – that were damaged by Hurricane Wilma.

The new waterfront structure systems included all sheet pile walls, quay walls, wharves, floating piers, gangways, mooring piles & dolphins and all other waterfront structures required for the safe mooring of vessels at the locations covered by our contract. All facilities were repaired or replaced to meet the existing mission before they were damaged by the storm.

Tasks under our contract include design-build repairs, renovations and replacement of waterfront facilities such as:

Sigsbee Park Marina:

  1. Partial Demolition and reconstruction of the Sigsbee Park Boat


  1. Demolition and Replacement of the Sigsbee Park Marina Service Pier and Floating Docks
  2. Repair of Sigsbee Park Marina Power Boat Piers and Floating Docks
  3. Repair/Replace Sigsbee Park Marina Concrete Bulkheads
  4. Replace Sigsbee Park Marina Concrete Boat Ramp

Boca Chica Marina:

  1. Replace Wood Pier with Sheet Pile Seawall at Mediterranean Mooring Area
  2. Design and Construct New Concrete Pier at Mediterranean Mooring Area S-Dock
  3. Repair Existing Quay Wall at Navigator Lounge
  4. Replace Boca Chica Marina Concrete Boat Ramp