DTC designed streetscape and pavement improvements to Front Avenue from U.S. Route 1 (Post Road), a distance of approximately 1,950 feet, for the City of West Haven.

The existing road is nominally 34 feet wide with occasional wider sections for parking.

Adjacent properties are a mixture of commercial and residential.

The majority of the roadway pavement is in poor condition with an average pavement thickness of only 4″ on a sand subbase. The adjacent topography is generally flat and without curbing. In some areas the addition of curbing will have a negative impact on drainage patterns, therefore these locations will receive full depth reconstruction, a steeper cross-slope and a 4″ curb reveal. The remainder of Front Avenue will be milled and overlaid.

Streetscape improvements will consist of installing or replacing concrete sidewalk, concrete curb, and street trees.

This project includes survey, design, construction documents, and bidding phase services.