The Francis Walsh Intermediate School was built in 1972 and was originally called Branford Intermediate School. It is a 250,000 square foot building and was built in the open school style, characterized by classrooms with no walls, open space, and emphasis on community, sharing, and character. While these characteristics still ring true today, a number of classroom walls have been built throughout the years. The Town of Branford has sought to address several underlining structural and programmatic issues that have plagued the students and facility at Walsh Intermediate School.

DTC was selected by the Town of Branford to provide project management oversight and owner’s representation support to the Town. DTC’s responsibilities and duties included, but were not necessarily limited to, high level strategic project management, condition assessment, cost options, schedule and final disposition of property for the Walsh Intermediate School.

In this capacity DTC provided: (1) technical assistance in budget development and documentation; (2) management and reporting to include all design, preconstruction, construction and occupancy activities and (3) written reports as required for each project/program/assignment.

Specific project scope of work and tasks included:

  • Management and preparation of project scopes for assigned projects consistent with the goals, objectives and needs of the students and facility; and to insure that the scope is comprehensive, thorough and completely documented.
  • Development and management of project specific schedules and budgets; and coordination and management of the design process and activities related thereto.
  • Management and coordination of all consulting activities including design, commissioning agents, environmental consultants, move management, safety inspections and quality control inspections.
  • Review of all design phase pricing and providing the analysis and recommendations for cost control.
  • Assisted the Town with the coordination and review of competitive bids and professional, construction delivery as well as related service proposals in conjunction with internal and external established procurement entities.
  • Attended and monitored project meetings with town officials and public to provide progress updates and present, in a comprehensive format, all data and recommendations on project cost estimates, schedules and quality controls.
  • Ensured that all code required certifications are completed by the design professionals and contractors as required by codes and contract.

Total project cost (including construction) is estimated to be $70-80 million.