The City of Bridgeport School Building Committee selected DTC and JCJ Architecture to provide architectural and engineering services for the planning, design and construction administration of the new Multi-Magnet High School.

The new school is a 9th to 12th grade inter-district high school. The capacity of the school is 1500 students housed in 3 – 500 student learning communities with a central core building totaling 316,000 sq. ft.

The new high school, which achieved a LEED Gold Rating by the USGBC, was designed to incorporate the latest in energy efficiency and sustainable strategies.

The project qualified for over $200,000 UI rebates.

The building is anticipated to perform 40% better than the code required amount of energy usage.

The building HVAC systems are to be designed to incorporate high efficiency heating and cooling plants with chilled beams and heat recovery type dedicated outdoor air delivery units. Other sustainable strategies include occupancy, and CO2 sensing for managing of the building heating, cooling and ventilation requirements as well as radiant panel heating.

High performance and recycled building materials are incorporated in the construction of the building skin. Variable Frequency Drives are employed on all pumps. Photovoltaic panels and wind turbine generators are used to generate roughly 129,591kWh or electricity per year, which saves approximately 24.2% of normal energy costs per year.

The project includes new fire alarm system, mass notification system design and a rainwater collection system that provides nearly 2.7 million gallons of grey-water for building use.