DTC conducted all the site, civil and wastewater treatment and disposal design for the Daniel Hand High School, including a 25,000 gallon per day nitrification/denitrification facility for nitrogen removal prior to groundwater disposal.

The groundwater analysis of the existing and proposed disposal systems was coordinated with the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection and has received approval. The discharge is located in stratified drift soils near a brook. The evaluation of the movement of nitrogen within the aquifer material was conducted utilizing a computerized version of the three dimensional DEP model. The DEP requirement is to reduce the total nitrogen to below 10 mg/L.

DTC designed the pump station, dual force-mains and a large pressure distribution system under the soccer field to polish the treatment plant effluent. The plant also has six internal pumps and force-mains to provide for treatment. The project also required metering pumps for addition of chemicals. The sizing of the pumps and tubes was based upon the flow requirements.