DTC was selected with Ames & Whitaker Architects to provide engineering and architectural services for various military projects to be designed and built between 2012 and 2020 for the Connecticut Department of Construction Services.

Fifteen project sites have been identified by the military, including armories, maintenance facilities, simulators and campus upgrades. Assignments will be given on an annualized basis with an average annual construction budget of approximately $4 million.

The 2012 tasks that have been assigned this past Fall are for improvements at the Army Guard’s New London Armory and at its Stones Ranch Military Reservation (SRMR).

At the New London Armory (Readiness CTR) tasks identified to be given priority are roof replacement and/or repairs, repair of the drill shed flooring, up-grade existing HVAC, reconfigure spacial needs to accommodate the three assigned (occupying) units. In addition consideration to expanded parking to the east and the west will try to be accommodated (based upon budgetary constraints).

At the SRMR tasks include expanded parking for military vehicles and equipment, some misc. roadway re-alignments with drainage improvements and modifications to an existing cold weather storage building (based upon budgetary constraints).