DTC was retained by Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA) to complete environmental monitoring and reporting services required for the Hartford Landfill, a solid waste disposal facility located off Leibert Road in the North Meadows area of Hartford, Connecticut.

Services included:

  • The collection of quarterly groundwater, surface water, and ash leachate samples,
  • Monthly sanitary discharge sampling,
  • Stormwater sampling, and
  • Quarterly and annual reporting.

The Hartford Landfill operated from the 1940’s through 2008 and consists of two distinct, adjacent northern and southern disposal areas identified as the MSW/Interim Ash Area and the Phase I Lined Ash Area.  The CRRA leases the landfill property from the City of Hartford.  The landfill operated under various environmental permits with specific sampling programs and reporting requirements.

DTC completed environmental monitoring in accordance with the current water quality monitoring program.  The program consisted of the collection and analysis of quarterly groundwater samples from 22 monitoring wells and two piezometers, 13 surface water samples, one untreated ash residue leachate sample from the Phase I Lined Ash disposal area, persistent surface seep locations (if present), quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) samples, and a groundwater monitoring well sampled only in July of each year to specifically test for dioxin and furan.  Interim groundwater sampling events were completed within 45 days of the quarterly sampling event to confirm exceedances of previously established maximum background levels in eight compliance wells.

DTC prepared quarterly and annual reports that summarized the results of the quarterly monitoring events, evaluated the current and historical groundwater analytical data. DTC also provided a discussion of the QA/QC results and presented conclusions as well as recommendations.

Sanitary discharge samples were collected and submitted for analysis by DTC on a monthly basis to monitor the ash residue leachate and the pumped groundwater discharges.

DTC collected stormwater samples for visual monitoring and analysis from three discharge locations in accordance with the General Permit for the discharge of stormwater associated with industrial activity.