DTC was retained by Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA) to complete dike monitoring and reporting services required for the Hartford Landfill, a solid waste disposal facility located off Leibert Road in the North Meadows area of Hartford, Connecticut.

Services included the collection pore pressure, inclinometer, and monument horizontal and vertical survey data on the U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers (USACOE) North Meadows Flood Control Dike and annual reporting.

The North Meadows Flood Control Dike is located between the Connecticut River and the CRRA Hartford Landfill in Hartford, Connecticut. The dike was constructed for purposes of flood control along the western side of the Connecticut River. It is located to the east of the solid waste disposal facility. The monitoring program assesses possible effects of the placement of solid waste against the flood control dike. DTC collected data on a quarterly basis to monitor the stability of the dike during January, April, July, and October.

DTC collected soil pore pressures in five piezometer pairs located along the outside of the dike using a Sinco pneumatic tranducer. Lateral movement in both north/south and east/west directions was measured at five inclinometer located outside the toe of the dike using a Sinco digital inclinometer with a sensor.

A total of 13 covered monuments are located along the crown of the dike as reference points to measure for horizontal and vertical distance. DTC surveyed the monuments on a quarterly basis. Five cross section survey lines, which were established from the top of the USACOE dike to the mean high water line of the Connecticut River, were surveyed by DTC to assess the possible undermining and/or erosion of the river bank and/or flood plain between the River and the dike.

DTC prepared annual dike stability reports that contain the results of quarterly monitoring and comparisons with previous monitoring data to examine any potential horizontal, vertical, and/or subsurface movement along the dike.