DTC provided the Middletown Transit Authority, in association with an architect, environmental services (permitting and remediation), mechanical, electrical and plumbing professional engineering services for a new maintenance and storage facility located at 80 Pease Street in Middletown, Connecticut.

Improvements and additions include new bus storage, maintenance areas, office support, conference and readiness center and bus washing station for a total 20,000 new square feet.

The building is designed to withstand extreme “100-year” flooding from the nearby Connecticut River. The Federal Emergency Management Agency defines the area as a 100-year floodplain, and the planning and zoning commission must grant a special permit to allow building in the area. All outlets in the garage and maintenance bay were kept at a higher elevation and were fed from above to avoid the class 1 hazardous space.

The site brings many challenges to the MTA and their intended improvements and additions.

The area was a former landfill which requires Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection oversight (landfill re-opening permit), sub-soils which may require specialty foundations and handling, the area of location within the 100 year flood zone (encroachment), etc.

DTC’s environmental scope included:

  • Review the existing site phase I environmental study,
  • Complete subsequent Phase II study, and
  • Remediate design documents (special construction considerations) through construction.

DTC’s specialty systems design included:

  • Geothermal closed loop system for the entire building
  • Methane evacuation system
  • Waste oil fuel heating system
  • Process piping systems for air, detergent, pressurized water, hydraulic fluid, antifreeze and grease
  • A bus wash bay design