The CT DCS retained DTC to investigate and implement replacing the HVAC systems in their Paint Building and Engine Testing Building. Investigate and implement a change out of the existing mechanical HVAC system to minimize energy costs while improving system operation.

The goal was to have the new system installed in a timely manner and to operate properly and efficiently. Secondary goals where to switch the equipment to natural gas from fuel oil and to remove the maintenance intensive steam system and replace with a combination of hydronic systems and gas fired equipment.

The operations are both housed in steel framed hanger type buildings with exposed structure throughout. The project entailed the removal of existing low efficiency oil fired steam boilers as well as the existing steam distribution system and replacing it with the a hot water system in the Engine Testing Building and indirect gas fired equipment throughout the Paint Building. Additional work was done to address existing shortcomings related to the outdoor air provided to the space as well as providing connection points for the future replacement of the paint booth equipment.

A significant element of this work involved disconnecting the entire heating system from the existing steam boiler system while maintaining its connection to the paint booth air handlers to allow for continued operation of the paint booth while the new gas fired equipment was being installed. A central DDC control system was also installed in both the Paint Building and the Engine Testing building to allow for connection to the campus wide control network as well as local reporting