Hamden-based engineering consulting firm DTC is currently renovating North Haven Middle School. Phase I of this project is actively underway on school grounds, which will result in the construction of an entirely new North Haven Middle School building.

The existing North Haven Middle School building is closed off from construction, and will continue being used as an educational facility until the completion of Phase I.

In order to take advantage of the design being used in practical application on this project, North Haven High School Principal Russell Dallai and physics teacher David Leighton reached out to DTC to prepare a ‘Learning Laboratory’ for their senior physics classes based on the NHMS construction.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our students,” NHHS Principal Russell Dallai. Ed.D. said, “Just meeting with practicing engineers is eye-opening. Combining those meetings with direct instruction in the midst of an on-campus construction project can be the pathway to deep insight and even career choices.”

DTC structural engineer Brian Skelcher presented to NHHS physics classes Friday and Monday on the new NHMS designs and principles of engineering and physics involved in creating them.

Tuesday students will visit outside of the gates of NHMS construction with DTC, NHHS, and construction administration firm Gilbane to explain some of the principles learned in Skelcher’s presentation in practical application on site. Shay Atluru, DTC President and Engineer, and North Haven High School Alumnus will accompany the group.