Project Overview

DTC performed the hydrologic and hydraulic evaluation as well as flood management certification for the North Avenue Bridge over the Aspetuck River in Westport, CT.

The project involved the design of the replacement superstructure for the existing, structurally deficient bridge.

The existing concrete abutment and wing walls were structurally sufficient to support the new superstructure resulting in savings to the town.

The existing back walls of the abutments were demolished to the existing bearing shelf elevation and reconstructed to the geometry required for the new precast, prestressed concrete spread box girders.

The concrete girders replaced the existing steel beam construction.

The new reinforced concrete bridge deck is 6 feet wider than the old bridge deck, allowing for two 12 foot wide travel lanes versus the previous 10 foot wide lanes, a new four foot wide side walk and solid parapet walls on both sides of the bridge.

The parapet walls and new approach barrier walls are faced with stone masonry to match stone walls of the surrounding rural New England area.

The project included installation of a new 8 inch water main and fire hydrant to service the community north of the river.

Enhancements to the river included installation of an articulated concrete block revetment system in the stream bed to prevent scour and undermining of the abutments and the installation of a rock weir, under the guidance of Inland Fisheries Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, creating a viable fish habitat during periods of low flow.

Construction took seven months.

State DOT administered the construction and DTC served as the municipal inspector.

The project is contracted with the town under the federal local bridge program.

Project Scope


Base Survey, Construction Inspection, Flood Management Certification, Hydrologic & Hydraulic Evaluation, Structural Design

DTC Role

Prime consultant




Town of Westport, CT

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