Project Overview

The Connecticut Department of Administrative Services selected DTC to provide On-Call Construction Administration services for multiple projects throughout the state.

DTC provided construction inspection services to the State of Connecticut in conjunction with the Utility Improvements at Somers Correctional Complex. DTC provided an on-site full time Construction Inspector (CI) during the construction period to observe the contractors work and compliance with the plans, specifications and State and Town regulations. During the construction period, the CI was responsible for observing the contractors progress, workmanship, methods and other related construction practices for the adherence to the plans, specifications and construction documents. The CI was also responsible to assist the State with the administration and oversight of the project.

CI Activities:

Review design intent of the plans, specifications and construction documents; Provide on-site inspection of the contractors work; Field measurements of the work when appropriate and as described in the bidding documents; Provide daily logs and reports of the contractors progress; Coordinate, observe and report testing; Monitor and coordinate the maintenance and protection of traffic; Assist the State staff in the administration and progress of the construction

DTC was hired as construction administrator to oversee the replacement of the air handling units at the State department of Public Health at 410 Capitol Avenue Hartford, CT. The construction value of the contract was $500,000. DTC fee was $35,000. The HVAC units were replaced in order to keep the building operational, in anticipation of the construction of a new DPH building elsewhere. The project entailed the review of monthly pay acquisitions; monitoring of work progress; provided engineering support; and conducted bi-weekly progress meetings.

DTC provided resident engineering services on the $4 million sewer and watermain extension project. The project included 10,000 linear ft. of sanitary sewer and watermain construction in the Town of Somers for the State of Connecticut. The project serves State of Connecticut correctional facilities located in the Town of Somers, CT. The project duration is approximately 18 months.

DTC provided construction administration services for the elevator improvements to the courthouse in Harford, CT

Project Scope


DTC Role

Prime consultant


$300,000 maximum



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