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CRRA – Hartford Landfill Dike Monitoring and Reporting

DTC was retained by Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA) to complete dike monitoring and reporting services required for the Hartford Landfill, a solid waste disposal facility located off Leibert Road in the North Meadows area of Hartford, Connecticut.

Services included the collection pore pressure, inclinometer, and monument horizontal and vertical survey data on the U.S. Army […]

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Meriden HUB Brownfield Site

DTC has been subcontracted by LaRosa Construction Company to provide all necessary environmental support services associated with the remediation/redevelopment of the Meriden HUB brownfield site.  DTC is providing the environmental services that are required by the contract plans and specifications.  The site located along Pratt Street in Meriden, CT, and will be remediated and redeveloped […]

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Burton Street Drain Separation

DTC was awarded an on-call professional engineering services contract in 2006 (on-going) related to the Metropolitan District’s Clean Water Program for sewer separation and related collection system and/or drainage system projects for the MDC.

The Metropolitan District is undertaking one of its largest capital projects program in its history. To comply with a Federal Consent Decree […]

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Tower Avenue South

DTC performed civil engineering services under the Metropolitan District’s Clean Water Project with the goal of reducing combined sewer overflows. DTC’s assignment, known as the Tower Avenue South Sewer Separation Area included approximately one mile of Cleveland Avenue and Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

The project design scope included the following tasks:

Evaluating hydraulic performance, cost […]

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